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Rumah bagi komik Independen SUPERIOR PHALANX, TECCRAFT dan MIX SOUP. The Drawing Desk membuat komik-komik yang Fun, Humoris dan Positif untuk Menginspirasi Penggemar Komik baru maupun lama.  

Meja Gambar berfokus pada  Alur Cerita dan Karakter untuk mengembalikan komik seperti yang seharusnya. Untuk membawa Cerita Hebat dan Menginspirasi Fans!

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  The Superior Phalanx Issue #5

The Origin Stone in Production!

The Secret is out! Sebastian Storm tells Superior the real reason why mostly everyone on earth has "special abilities". Karma, Omega Girl, Goldie and Sentinel search for the Spartan hero Ophelestes. Johnny Gunns teaming up with

Moon Talon proves to be in his favor for now. But little does everyone know The Herald sees all and will not stop until the Spartan is destroyed!

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